Friday, March 29, 2013

The Soil Whisperer?

My BFF (yes, at 50 I am allowed to have a BFF) called me The Soil Whisperer the other day.  I giggled at that and changed my middle name on facebook.  It was a hoot.

Today, after work, I was sitting in my rickety gardening chair in the backyard mixing peat moss and top soil in my trusty garden cart.  As I was running my fingers through the mixture of soil and moss, I caught myself saying something like, "I always forget how wonderful you smell, peat," under my breath.

My God.

She's right.

I should back up a bit and point out that another dear friend called me 'Amender of Soil' last week which had also warranted a giggle and a name change on facebook.  But, the difference is I already knew that was true.  I had no clue about the whispering business.

Honestly.  I didn't.  Life is funny, sometimes.  More often than not, my BFF points it out to me with one flappity hand.

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