Sunday, June 5, 2016


There is exciting news from Picofarms today.  Well, I think it's exciting anyway:

Rabbits.  More specifically, meat rabbits.  Holy buckets!  We have livestock!

Today, we trekked across the state braving roads both paved and unpaved to a tiny town called Palmer.  There, we found a lovely woman and a whole lotta rabbits.

They were all absolutely adorable.  But we limited our selection to two does and one buck.  Here they are making their interwebz debut!  True to form and following our own weird tradition, the rabbits have unique and oddly satisfying punny names.

This is Janis. Janis Hoplin.

This is our buck, Gordon Whitefoot...for obvious reasons.

We call this little girl Jane Doe.  We call her that because she just would not tell us her real name.

All of our rabbits are littermates and they were born in February of this year making just about 4 months old.  They were produced by crossing a Harlequin female with a male black New Zealand.  Both of the does look grey, but they are actually called 'blue'.  The male is black except for that one white foot thing.

I am smitten.  We plan to wait until next spring to start the breeding program. They're a bit young right now and we don't want to worry about bunnies in the winter time.

Next:  what to name the rabbitry.  So far, I've come up with House of Blues.  It's okay for a working title.