One Bold Thing

Inspired by my friend Alexdandra Moehagen, I have stolen her idea forthwith.  The idea behind One Bold Thing is pretty straight forward.  Take any thing that you would like to do but it scares the BEJESUS out of you to even think of it.  Then, you just up and do it.  Just like that.  No preamble.  No chickening out.  Just decide and GO.

What follows are links to some of my posts that I think explore and illustrate the concept of One Bold Thing.  I hope I have captured the spirit and intent of her concept.

A second installment of my trip to Madison.  This is the promised post with the promised pictures from my Madison trip.

A funny thing that happened on my way down State Street.   This is what happened the first time I stepped out in a new city on my very first work-related trip ever.

Maybe not super bold to most, but this decision was for me.  Cuz, ya know, it goes against the grain.

My biggest and boldest thing to date:  I'm starting a soap business!

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