Thursday, March 7, 2013

Self-Discovery #9,761--I Am Solar Powered

It dawned on me, literally at dawn this morning.

I was driving down the highway looking yet another workday right in the eye.  I came up over a hill and there it was.

The sun.

It was just about all the way up past the horizon and looked enormous against the skyline of the city I was approaching.  It hung there in the sky all huge and golden and shining brilliantly with the promise of a brand new day.

It was stunning.  It was uplifting.  It was energizing!

At that moment, I realized that in spite of my fondness for chicken salad sandwiches, my coveting of chocolate and tomatoes, and my zeal for bacon, I am actually solar powered.  Seeing the sun and feeling (ok, I imagined I was feeling it) the sun on my face unleashed a powerful urge in me to live my life to the fullest possible extent.  Or maybe it was a sunlight-induced endorphin rush.

Solar powered.  Who'da thunk it?

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