Monday, April 22, 2013

Rainy Days and Mondays

Yeah, okay.  I couldn't resist.  It's Monday and it's raining.  Has been raining all dang day.

It truly is a reflection of my mood lately.  With the extended late arrival of spring, tempered with the occasional 70 degree reminder of what we are actually supposed to have but are not getting, my mood has gone from hopeful, to disgusted to downright despondent at times.

It's irritating.

So, here's what I've been doing when the mud had been dry enough and the temps have been warm enough.

My fence/berry bed is finally taking shape.  When it's complete (pictures will magically appear at that time), I'll have about 18 linear feet of raised bed to contain my strawberry bed and raspberry bed.  I probably could have gotten it finished up today after work if not for the blessed rain which may turn to snow overnight.


But I digress.

My two TopHat Blueberry bushes arrived in the mail last week.  I carefully planted them in the previously prepared containers and gave them cozy, plastic bag and tomato cage covers until the weather settles a bit.  As anticipated, one bush looks great and the other looks anemic.  Why couldn't they send two robust specimens?  Pictures of that as well when the weather settles.

It occurs to me that I should do a blog on my plastic bag/tomato cage plant protectors.  Perhaps next time.  I'll need pictures.  Wait...

Well, you get the idea...
Details to come later.

Yesterday was a stunningly gorgeous spring day.  I spent it outdoors working on the above mentioned berry beds.  I also planted out my two, precious broccoli seedlings in their big, blue pot.  It's my first time growing broccoli. 

I guess we'll see if it's worth the effort...


  1. This post gives me hope the good weather will be back. I love your tidy berry beds.

  2. Thanks, Squiddy. It's my first try at berries. I'm optimistic that they will do well. I'm not optimistic that the birds won't get most of them.