Friday, January 3, 2014


After having the last couple of weeks off my paying job (staycations are AWESOME), I spent a little time today looking ahead at next week and the next couple months.

Looks cold.  Really cold.

But I know that on the heels of that cold is spring.  The mere notion of the warm sun heating the soil inspires outrageous daydreams of idyllic garden scenes and the profusion of produce that will come from my efforts.  It rarely ever goes as well as I hope but it is almost always better than I expect.

No, I'll save reality for another day when the sun is shining, the breezes are balmy, and my favorite trowel is digging deeply into the ground.  For now, my time will be spent daydreaming about in quiet contemplation of what is possible rather than what is probable. Just like gardeners across the world, I peruse the annual allotment of seed and plant catalogs while the cold winds of winter are blowing.  After leafing repeatedly through the dozen or so that have arrived already for next season,  I've nearly settled on my seed list for this year:

Basil--I saved seeds from last summer.  It's a Genovese type for pesto and sauce.

Snap peas--I like Sugar Ann.

Onions--any color or type.  They all wind up about 2 inches across anyway.  I'm trying to grow from seed this year.  I'll buy sets anyway.

Brussels sprouts--After my less than stellar results last year, I am inspired to try again.  The tiny sprouts were AMAZING.  I will never look at brussels sprouts the same way again.


Peppers both sweet and firey--Serranos are high on the list this year.  I also want to try ghost peppers although it will be just for fun.  Not sure I can handle the heat on those.  I have a friend who will LOVE them.

Potatoes--Yes.  Potatoes. Even though last year's rotted in the soil, I'm going to try again.  I've grown them before and they are definitely worth the effort.

Tomatillos--I know, I know.  I grew a crazy a bumper crop last year.  But one thing I noticed is no one at the farmer's market had them.  I think I might be able to sell them and make back some of the money spent on the garden this year.  Or maybe even trade for other goodies.

Mint--I may not have a choice in the matter.  I grew four kinds last year.  It may be back on its own. I hear it's famous for that.

Garlic--Already in the ground!  I've never fall planted garlic before.  We shall see how that goes.  I've noticed as I poke through the garden on warmer days that the garlic sprouts are green and lovely in spite of the cold.

Additionally, I want a small stand of corn, assorted squashes (zucchini will be required because I found the best muffin recipe),  melons (Moon & Stars hopefully), eggplant, pole beans, and some others that have slipped my mind but are written down.  In a notebook.  In the other room.  Clear over there.

So lazy.

Much of this plan is contingent upon getting a couple more raised beds ready to go by late spring for the last of the planting.  I am hopeful. 

Oh, and there's the greenhouse to get going.  I can't wait to see how that works out.

Meanwhile, I have seed catalogs to wear out.  Life is good.

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  1. This makes me feel all warm and happy to read. That is something, as it is currently -2 outdoors!